in Podcast Have we stopped podcasts??

For the last couple of weeks, we took the decision to take a miss on doing the podcast, for multiple reasons including missing people, tech issues, and lack of subject. I love the podcast idea and still do but doing it online is well shit honestly. I have the sound equipment and experience to record...
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in Podcast Podcast Again

Once again this Wednesday we got together to record our weekly podcast, this weeks topic: our favorite films and why. There’s not really a lot to say about it since it speaks for itself but it had our usual chaotic vibe. I haven’t had time to edit and distribute these yet since I’m still slightly...
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in Podcast Podcasting Online

As stated in the last blog post we intended to start the podcast in 2021 so we did! Following the announcement from the government we never went back after Christmas and will not do yet for a couple of months which is brilliant (not). We wanted to still persist with this podcast since it was...
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in Podcast, Studio 90% Babble

We have been talking with our tutors recently at ways to boost our grades to achieve distinction level. One of the ways we discussed doing this as well as learning and having fun while doing it was doing a group podcast. I was really excited about this concept as I myself as everyone should know...
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