My Brand

90% Bloopers

“90%Bloopers is a Buckinghamshire Film & TV group of media students. We love making mini productions and having a great time”

Consisting of 5 students 90% bloopers is our student brand which covers all our student and combined projects.

Our logos as shown below created by myself features a film camera and then a part each to represent ourselves such as hats for Gareth and sound for myself with of course the 90% in the middle for 90% Bloopers.

We have a definite presence on social media using most of the popular media. These mainly include YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter but can be seen below.

We use it for multiple uses such as sharing behind the scenes and shooting previews as well as just expressing ourselves.

We also have this website network which our student sites are based which we invested quite a bit of money into between ourselves.

My Brand

I love to show and share the work that I am doing personally and at college, I have multiple websites containing my work, past and present as well as a defined presence on social media.

Below is my LinkedIn profile which I have set up and started making connections with friends and family and even employers. It needs a bit more work but it contains 

Below is my personal website where I share some of my photography and client work, I need to get some more content on there but its a good place to display me as a brand its also linked via this website.

My Instagram is one of my favorite places to share it’s so easy to post and comment so I have a couple of posts on there featuring behind the scenes, photos and anything I feel is relevant.

I do have a youtube however most of my work is spread between multiple channels but I main channel is linked below, It currently only has my Y1 FMP on it but I will upload more in the future when I have more.

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