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“View the beautiful Chilterns area in a unique way – with a chauffeured Boom trike tour. Based in Aylesbury, our trike experiences range from a 2-hour tour to a whole day adventure. Ideal for special occasions or a stay-cation treat.”

I have been asked to make a vehicle showcase video and media to use on their social media ranging from videos to photos. This is a favour for family friends so I will not be taking a commission on this project but It will allow me to create some example work to show to future clients and will allow me to practice shots and general production of a project.


I have done a couple of amateur shoots involving vehicles over the years , nothing major. I wanted to step it up big time for this project so I have spent hours researching and watching cinematography tutorials and information relating to vehicle shoots.

Initial Exiting Research

This was I video I found myself, I was looking at multiple different videos including coach travel to see how the video was structured. It helped me prepose some initial ideas to the client.

This was a video provided by the clients, it features a similar trike tours company based in Yorkshire to give me an idea of what they want and what others have done.

Learning Vehicle Cinematography
What I have learned

After spending hours watching these tutorial videos, was it worth it?

The answer is yet it definitely was, I have learnt so much from the combination of content creators and filmmakers that have produced these videos, it clear this is what they love to do.

The main thing I loved about these videos is just mainly the advice these people are experts at there craft and it was small tips such as camera settings or walking positions to stabilize a better shot.

I have now also memorized a ton of different shots that I can use on this production. One thing about these videos was that everyone had high-end equipment which I don’t necessarily have access to, but going forward I accept that, that is the case and its not going to be as good but I do have plenty of equipment and the knowledge to try and replicate that.

A lot of cinematographers have drone which I will not have access to at the time of filming however I might be able to get some higher shots due to elevation and I will have to just be smart about the way I do it. As they say adapt and overcome.

I have gathered some great tips for post-production as well including audio recording and colour grading which should make the videos pop further.

To end off this quick evaluation of my learning another major part I have taken away from this is rolling shots and how to do that effectively which I will definitely be trying on this project.

Location Scouting

I have talked about locations with the client and we are going to shoot at some of their more popular locations to visit. I suggested that we should do this so it gives any viewers a better experience of what they would get if they did take a tour with the company.

One of the locations we are going to shoot is Griffith Brothers Gin Distillery, this is a popular tour. I plan to shoot the trike outside the building and a couple of shots inside the facility to tease on the experience.

 Chequers has also be suggested as it’s quite a nice environment as well as Waddesdon.

We have also talked about doing a from bridge shot from Marlow Bridge looking down below.

The main location we are looking at currently is Wendover woods we have reached out to them regarding permission to use their roads and land for this purpose.

All of these locations might be used depending on how we think we are doing.

Location Permission & Equipment

As mentioned we want to film at the Wendover woods location, there was a specific reason for this which Is we want to film the rolling shots as also mentioned but to abide by laws and regulations we can not do this on public roads so Wendover woods provides private access roads and a good environment for filming.

I have reached out to the Forestry Commission which manages Wendover woods to ask for permission to do this.

The email reads:


My Names Adam I'm reaching out today to inquire about getting filming permission at the Wendover Woods location.

What am I doing?

We are looking to film parts of a vehicle showcase / promotional video in a great and safe environment for a local tour company,

Chiltern Trike Tours (

What do I need and where do I want to do this?

We would be extremely grateful if we would be given permission to use the access roads to the Wendover woods location to

film moving shots of the vehicle.

We intend to do this safely and not to obstruct visitors as much as we can during filming.


We would ideally like to do this on Sunday the 25th of October and ideally only be a couple of hours at the maximum

but it's not likely to take that long.
We are not fussed about the time so can work around peak hours if that is preferred however we would rather have a time
where the lighting is bright for the shoot.


I am a Media Student so this project is going towards my course as well as material for the company.
Thank you for reading this and taking my request into consideration.

I look forward to a response, Thanks.
Adam Vincent.

We want to do a rolling shot from in front with a support car at this location, of course, we want to be safe when we do this so I have assessed it and reached out to my scout’s group regarding borrowing a harness for the shoot, we have also located secure points in the boot to clip to.  

Risk Assessment
Hazard Risk Resolution

Moving Vehicles 

Crew or equipment could be damaged if environment is not safe.

Crew should be at a safe distance and in constant communication, Equipment should be appropriately stored or attended at all times. 


Trip hazard or cable damage.

Cables should be marked and be clear to see.

Rolling Shots

Camera man being injured or equipment damage.

The camera man and equipment will be secured with a harness and climbing grade rope and clips.

Elevated Shots 

Camera man being injured or equipment damage.

Equipment should be secured properly and on stable ground.


Due to the current situation during COVID 19 it’s important that we follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe on location.


Masks - Where ever possible crew will be required to wear masks as advised.

6 Person Rule - We will limit to only 6 people involved to abide by the law.

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