FMP Feedback

Gareth Edwards (Student – Crew)

Adams organisation for being able to get people from other course to be a part of his documentary was very good and always went well whenever we met up with the person, as a second camera operator he gave me good instructions on the kind of B-roll he wanted. He was also very good at asking the right questions to get the right information out of the people he was interviewing and always was good at getting the main focus of what he wants in shot. Could have been more vicous with what he kept in the documentary and what he kept out but all in all was very good.

Charlie Gentle (Student – Crew)

Working with Adam was really good because I got to witness first-hand how passionate he was whilst making his FMP and he worked very hard in making his FMP a success. The only thing is that I would critique is with one of the interviewees and he could’ve directed them to only look at one camera but I do understand that some people tend to look at both cameras.

Harley Graham (Student Cast/Crew)
Working with Adam was very cool. I wasn’t there for the entire production, but I was for some parts. It also felt nice to be helping the production by doing my own production. He was also a great help when it came down to acting as a second opinion on my set. I am also very cool.

Ellie Simpson (Student – Crew)

Adam had prepared a lot of material to film for his project, it was very ambitious and something quite different to what we’ve done before. It was great to be apart of and I found the way he directed the interviewees very professional. The time he had was used well, as he knew what exactly what he needed to get for each section!

Ryley Fountain (Student – Cast/Client) (Live Lounge)

Working with Adam was a really great experaince as we both had really simular ideas on how we wanted it to look and both exchanged ideas and listened well to each other.

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