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My Noted Contributions to other students FMP Projects

During this busy time, I also contributed towards some other students’ FMPs. Most of these students are part of my working group and friends, we do most of our projects together or assist where we can. We have a great partnership because everyone has a specialization essential to filming and works well as a team.

This was also another opportunity for me to get back to doing what I love and getting my hands back on the equipment after being away so long with covid. Talking about covid it was also hard for others to find cast and crew elsewhere so we were able to fill this gap by helping out. I have also done some different roles than I would usually have like assistant director which was really fun to do and develop these skills as actually, I wouldn’t mind doing assistant directing in an out of college project.

Harley Graham (Crime Drama)
Assistant Director, Sound Recordist, Actor

In Harleys production, I held many roles, including filming for my own production. When I was not acting for small parts of the film or doing sound I was assisting Harley with shots, lighting, and general setup. The filming was done over 2 days within the college studio and the front field.

My acting role was actually the sound guy which lead me to using and recording sound actually on camera because it fits the script. It was interesting and well throughout production which I was glad to help out in and then also use in my own project. The main camera was the Panasonic Lumix SH1 and the sound setup was a regular shotgun mic on a boom connected to a Zoom H5 recorder. 

Gareth Edwards (Time Travel Drama)
Sound Recordist

Gareths production we did over a weekend from around 9 – 10 am until 8 pm each day which was filmed in his local woods. It was a great production to work on, as a sound recordist I was working a lot of the time due to the number of lines and foley needed for the scenes. We came across a couple of issues such as planes, there was an airfield near by which was annoying when it came to audio, and also the number of people walking around, with this location there was no fix we just had to wait which extended the filming time a bit.

While not doing audio I was helping with setup and taking some behind-the-scenes photos. The setup was a shotgun boom mic connected to the Zoom H5 recorder. 

Ellie Simpson (Psychological Thriller)
Sound Recordist, Voice Actor

For Ellies shoot we were working at her house, my role once again was to do sound and foley. There was not as much dialog in this production as some of the others so it was around 50/50 on foley and dialog.

When I was not recording I was helping out with some other small bits and bobs like lighting the matches for the cake scenes and changing lenses. At this location the audio was ok but it was a very wet and windy day which may have caused some noise but would fit with the scene, the house is also located near a main road and train station, we did encounter noise sometimes but I was not to bad most of the time, as I said there was not as much audio as some of the other shoots. I was using the standard setup with shotgun mic boom and Zoom H5 recorder.

Ryley Fountain (Live Lounge)
Director, Camera operator, Editor

Ryley is a sound technology student who was doing a live lounge project with a band for their FMP. He reached out to us to film the event for him so I also roped in Ellie and Gareth to help crew the cameras.

More information can be found about this on the website since I also used this for my FMP. My role was mainly director and camera operator, I decided how to position the cameras and what to shoot but the others had creative freedom on shots. I also had the new Sony F5 M1 in which I got handheld footage of the event. I will now edit it with him and produce a great video for him and the band to use.

Charlie Gentle (Psychological Horror)
Assistant Director, Sound Recordist

The last FMP I was helping with was Charlies, which was filmed on a Saturday in and around his cabin in the garden. As charlie is not as experienced with cinematography and both Gareth and Ellie were acting I assumed the role of assistant director to help charlie frame and shoot the scenes he had in mind. Charlie knew what he wanted but I was able to assist and advise on placement and setup.

I was also taking my normal role of sound recordist which I was doing about 50% of the time as not all scenes had audio. Although this photo shows it sunny the weather was very inconsistent and it rained quite heavily multiple times, however, I don’t think this affected the shoot too much and audio was not recorded during these scenes. 

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