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Speaking to Tim the last couple of weeks, it is time to look into who I actually want to work with. Tim can give me contact information and help me with the process but I need to decide exactly who I want to work with.

I am currently wanting around 5 people for the production but I will factor in a couple of extras just in case I am not able to use the main people for whatever reason.

Main Proposed Roles

  • 1x Film or Photography Technician (Amersham)
  • 1x Sound Technician (Amersham)
  • 1x Computer Services (Aylesbury)
  • 1x Motor Vehicle or Construction Technician (Aylesbury or Wycombe)
  • 1x Duty Manager or Curriculum Manager (Wycombe or Any Campus) 

Reserve Roles

  • 1x Building Services (Any Campus)
  • 1x Theatre Technician (Amersham)
  • 1x Science Technician or equivalent (Amersham)

Since I only study at Amersham I needed to do some research into our courses that I felt fit my requirements of being an interesting subject. This was hard because I knew the sorts of things I wanted but not exactly what I wanted and had to look deeper and make some decisions.

I used the college website and my own knowledge to reference courses and roles.

Bucks. (n.d.). Full Time. [online] Available at:

I have tried to factor in roles so that I get at least one person from each campus and can give a basic overview at each one as well as the main subject

I conducted research into what roles other people would find interesting and the results surprised me. The highest result was technicians which were to be expected since they have very practical roles. What surprised me was the number of results for course tutors, now I think their jobs are good but in terms of content and I have said this before I just don’t think it would be good for film content. 

IT doesn’t have many votes but I still want to go ahead with it because if it’s hidden roles it’s a role you don’t see in the organization, hopefully, they are not just stuck at desks all day.

Building services is a reserve anyway so it’s ok that it has no interest however personally I think it could have some interest as it’s also quite a practical occupation.

Update [26/4/2021]: The list has been finalized and sent to Tim so that he can provide me the contact details for the people in the roles, I am currently waiting for a reply and then will start my contacting process.

Update [3/5/2021]: The idea has once again changed and developed and with the change to looking at more of the college rather than the roles themselves I have looked into other possibilities and options, most of the people I contacted did not give a reply or were not interested in helping which will be a big thing for me to evaluate. This was a big challenge for me and this project because it was all based around people and their interactions, I contacted many people before I arrived at my final list. I have also decided to work with some students which originally I was not thinking about but I think would give a great perspective as now it’s about the college rather than specific people.

I am currently working with the following people/roles:

  • Tim Day (Media Manager)
  • Harley Graham (Film & Television Student) 
  • Ben Bird (Photography Technician)
  • Ryley Fountain (Music Technology Student)

I decided to ask Tim himself if he would get involved as well as assisting me in contacting others to which he accepted which were great because then I was still able to get a manager on my original list. Looking at the original list anyway I have with this current set most of the roles/people I wanted anyway in some form so I’m happy with that. I am aiming to do a 25-30 min program so 4 people should do perfectly fine if I can get the content I need. All roles/people are now based at Amersham as I decided to focus on one campus which is a good move as it was starting to get logistically complicated. I also now have a good balance between students and staff which I had not planned on but I think works great.

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