Personal Evaluation

Personal Strengths

Creative – I would say I’m a very creative person, I have a ton of ideas and am always involved in as many projects as I possibly can. (This can sometimes be a weakness as I take on too many projects)

Leadership – I like to think I’m a good leader depending on the situation, I have taken on this role in serval large-scale projects.

Communication – I would say I have strong communication skills when it comes to projects and work, general communication maybe not as good.

Friendly – I like to think I am a friendly person I am approachable and can be a good listener. 

Dedicated – I am a bit of a perfectionist I like to do what I do and do it properly as much as possible. 

Personal Weaknesses

Distracted – I can find myself getting distracted by something else if it’s more interesting than what I’m trying to focus on.

Bored – If its something I am not interested in I find it very hard to focus on it.

Pressure – I am not very good at working under pressure depending on the circumstances. 

Clumsy – I am a bit clumsy I do find myself dropping stuff and bumping into things regularly. 

Serious – I am a bit too serious when it comes to most things this can be a good thing but also not.


When it comes to subjects I am good with anything technical I hate written work, I enjoy working with cameras, lighting, sound in the studio and shooting environments. I am a bit shaky when it comes to camera work literally, I am still learning the ropes but I’m interested in it. Lighting is cool but I do have a fear of heights which limits me a bit when it comes to installing lights. I have a good background in sound and it’s something I enjoy but I’m not sure if it’s something I want to do for the rest of my life.

I love technology and working with all these aspects I feel my skills would be best used in some kind of technician role simular to what I do within our group.

There are many options here I can explore and I feel I can work out the issues I have in some fields and go on to do it in the future.

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