FMP Idea Design & Context

Specialisation & Progression

At the start of the first year I came into the course knowing that I loved media and working with cameras, at this point I also had some experience of sound and event media from doing my radio station work the last couple of years. Since then looking at it from the end of year 2 I have found my specialisation working with sound and production technology. This is something I have developed over time and found my way, I love technology and I have the experience and interest in audio that some others in our working groups don’t.

I am a strong team working player with a dedicated team of students to the extent that we have our own brand, logo, and social media together based around film. We all have areas we specialize in and this is perfect for shooting as we have all the roles covered. This has formed over the last couple of years but from the start, it was a natural partnership and we have all grown as students and friends since then.

Although as I said I am developing my specialization in technology and sound I am also still 100% dedicated to learning more which Is why I will be producing and directing this documentary. I have said before that pre-production and directing is not a strong point for me but I feel it’s an important skill I will need in the future and want to develop. 

Initial Ideas

Looking at ideas for my FMP I looked back at last years in which I was stuck inside during lockdown and created a virtual film using GTA 5 as a virtual environment. The thought did cross my mind just briefly to do it again since last years was never marked and it turned out really well which was a real shame, but the reason I did that in the first place was just because I couldn’t get out but now I can so I’m going to make the most of that.

Last year I wanted to create a documentary and looking back at my idea planning and notes I mentioned the ideas that I was looking to explore once again this year now that I can and really this is what I have wanted to do ever since I have joined this course. I watch a lot of these style programs/documentaries so it’s something I can connect with and enjoy. One advantage is that I have had these two years to plan and evolve the idea even if it was just there in the back of my mind and I think about how I can apply my unit progression to advance this idea.


The main idea I’m proposing to do is a documentary in which I do into a workplace environment which could be the college or other venue (See locations page for updated info) and follow around 5 or more people to see what they do in their job roles, I want to try and pick more interesting job roles so that I have enough footage that will engage the audience and not just show someone working in an office. The idea is that the viewer gets a look into an environment that they would not necessarily ever see, even if that is at the college as it would be roles like technicians or managers which even students may not normally experience.

I will format this piece as if it was the first episode of a series that would continue on. 

When exploring this style of documentary I am looking at several series as reference some that I have watched personally and others I may have not seen but know about. 

These consist of series such as: 

  • Inside the Ambulance
  • Police Interceptors [Channel 5]
  • Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport [ITV]
  • Undercover Boss

All these shows I will look at in my research however I enjoy these personally since I do get insight into places that I might not be able to experience myself and that keeps it interesting.

In these shows, there is a lot of switching between people to keep it interesting and build suspense in moments. I hope for my documentary to be around 20-40 mins but this all depends on the amount of footage I have time to get as realistically I would want to spend a day with each person even more but I will be limited on time due to the organizations and crew. It needs to be cut down quite a lot as well to keep it from getting boring if they are just looking at a computer or paperwork for half an hour.

Undercover Boss

I did have a brain freeze during writing the first stages of my idea because one lunchtime while watching undercover boss on my sofa I have the idea, why don’t I do my own version of undercover boss? and before I go on, I would still love to do this one day.

In a way, this idea is the day in the life documentary but just with more stages since the cameras still follow multiple employees in their day to day jobs just this time there is a boss who is also secretly undercover. I really assessed this and decided there was no need for me to overcomplicate it by doing this, it may also be quite hard to do outside of college, and even in college we may have the facilities but I don’t think it could be carried out properly.

With the time limits and organization already it’s going to be hard to arrange so I’m going to put that to the side for now and make sure that I don’t overcomplicate things because I really don’t need to for this project. I want to make this project really good but the more factors I introduce the more I have to focus on and draw attention away from the main overview itself.

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