Black And White Photography

Black & White Selfie

We where tasked as part of this unit to take a black and white photo of ourselves.

This was my attempt, I took this using my phone and then edited it black and white in adobe lightroom. I’m not a fan of taking pictures of myself but I do quite like this image it looks quite artistic.

Black and white story

We were also tasked to take a set of black and white photos also using our phones to portray a story we could take 2-5 photos to tell this story. 

I took these 3 photos below to tell a story of nature and how it develops.

 A couple of weeks later I decided to redo these photos the reason behind this was that I liked the photos a lot but I just don’t think it fit the brief as it should of, it doesn’t tell a strong enough story, my new photos show a project I have been working on going through a paint process which is interesting because it starts of black and ends up red which you cant see in these photos, but what you can see is a gradual color change from black to gray, but it does show the story of transition.


We looked at a couple of famous photographers in this field while working on this project:

  • Andre Kertesz
  • Robert Capa
  • Laszlo Mogoly Nagy
  • Gyorgy Kepes (Photograms)
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