Directors Relationships

A directors and assistant directors relationship with their crew is extremely important on a production no matter the length or location. Their main contacts consist of the other ADs, Director of photography and heads of departments. Directors are creative people who have many skills but they can’t do everything, they have a vision and it’s the crew’s responsibility to bring it alive.


Without crew we also have to think about whether things that need to be done actually get done, everyone on a film set no matter what role has a purpose. Communication is also key. Each department needs clear communication whether that’s from the director or assistant directors so that they are able to complete their jobs to the best of their ability.


Each member of the crew no matter what role they play all have one basic assignment and that is simply to make the person’s life above you easier and if everyone works together to achieve this it allows every stage of the production to flow better. Its less time heads of departments and directors have to spend doing other things that distract from the main production. A core person in this, is one of the most beginner but important roles, the runner. A runner is a core part of the team because they are flexible to do all of the small jobs no one else has time to complete which speeds up the process.


It’s important that directors have a relationship with crew but it’s also important that this is a good relationship. The crew will be more willing to work extra hard and longer hours if they are motivated and treated with respect. If the crew are not happy it’s likely that they will not be working to their full potential.


Going back to the creative side of the director, although they have a vision that vision is heavily guided and talked about with key roles such as the camera operator and director of photography. Everyone’s an expert at their specific area so can help influence each stage of the production so that the final product turns out the best it can be.

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