John Pilger

Both documentaries are based on war and conflict presented by John Pilger a world renound Australian journalist. 

In “year zero” the older documentary John gives a piece to the camera along with a montage of footage and images along with voice over in places. John presents it in very casual clothing and almost a very deep almost boring voice. The footage some of it is in black and white as its possibly archived footage, because of this the resolution and sound quality is also quite low.

In the more modern “The coming war on China” its in a similar layout with pieces to camera, montages, and in this one interviews. As a new piece, it is in color and since it was released in 2016 it will be in HD resolution and higher quality audio. In the pieces to camera in this documentary, John wears a smarter outfit. His voice during the interviews is as deep as before but he does sound more interesting/interested in the subject.

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