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Meet John Shaw - Voice Actor

When I started this project I knew the sound would have been a big part of it especially as it’s what I find myself specializing in. I wanted a great voice actor with the skills and voice to bring my documentary to life and make it sound professional. My first thought was to reach out to actors and the sound department on the bucks college group collab but as time got closer I realized doing interviews and testers for people I may or may not get would just but unrealistic in the time frame. Even if I had found someone chances are they may have been unreliable and I needed someone I could message quickly and it would get done to a great standard.

This is when I got straight on to John Shaw, John is a good friend of mine for around 3 years now, we met and work together at bucks scout radio a community radio station with both volunteer for. John is our go to audio guy for making radio promotional material graphical and verbal and has many years of experience now doing it. He is currently studying sound and media at the global academy.

John has an amazing voice and is very reliable so I messaged him, and I knew he was busy with his FMP so I offered him some money as well, he declined the money but was instantly up for doing the project. John has his own home studio so is able to create the narration on-demand at professional quality. 

Scripting & Production


Looking into a hive of activity and education,

(pause short)

With industry standard facilities,

(pause short)

A creative college like no other.. snapping photos with photography, (pause)dance with musical theatre and acting or even creating your own films with Film & Television 




Inside: Bucks College Group

(pause short)


Version 1 (Draft)
Version 1 (Draft) (With Backing Music)

Notes: I wanted the vocal tone to change slightly to fit the documentary-style a bit better and be more vibrant- I provided a sample to john to give him an idea of what I was thinking. I also added an extra line to make the intro a bit longer.

Version 2
Version 2 (With Backing Music)
General 1

“It’s early morning here at Amersham and we are speaking to Tim Day about the future development and plans for the college.”

“Thanks, Tim but we are not done yet,(pause) next we are over to the D corridor to talk about the old tower blocks.”

“Both exciting and sad news their but the students at Amersham show no sign of stopping as it comes up to students final major projects this year.(Pause) One of these students is Harley from film and television.”

Note: I had John change the “we are” in the Thanks Tim audio to allow it to flow a bit nicer.

General 2 (Yes Harley)

Sarcastic Tone

“Yess Harley we know your cool”

General 3

Sarcastic  – Fed Up

“Oh Harley”


“Oh ok, thanks Harley, now although it’s around mid-day here at the colleges things are about to get a bit dark as we move to the photography department.”

Note: I wanted the “oh ok” to sound a bit more surprised but casual so I was able to give more context to that part and it was re-recorded.

General 4 (& Ending)

Scared – Confused

“Ben? Beeen?.. are you still here? Ok I’m not sure where he’s gone, over to the sound & music departments now then I guess.”

“behind the scenes, the students are carrying out a soundcheck”


“and after a lot of hard work here’s the finished product”

Edit: “and after a lot of hard work here is the finished product this is one of the songs – play dead.”


Same Tone as Intro

“Join us again next time as we go Inside: Bucks College Group”

General 5 (Extra)

“well you weren’t joking it is dark in here”

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