Podcasting Online

As stated in the last blog post we intended to start the podcast in 2021 so we did!

Following the announcement from the government we never went back after Christmas and will not do yet for a couple of months which is brilliant (not).

We wanted to still persist with this podcast since it was something we all quite enjoyed doing even if it wasn’t in a cool sound studio. It gives us a time to peacefully or aggressively share our thoughts on a subject which is almost threptic and makes for great content.

We recorded the first official podcast on Wednesday the 6th within our free morning on the platform discord which we use generally everyday anyway, which is kinda ironic that the test is in the studio and the real one is in a virtual environment.

We all collectively got into a voice channel and we turned the bitrate upto 128kbps which is the max so we have the best quality we could across the platform. Some people borrowed mics but we mostly all have a decent mic which is helpful.

The subject for the podcast was a recap on 2020 for us and how its going in 2021 we recorded for around an hour in total we did go off topic a bit at times and some of that will be cut out when I edit it later on.

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