90% Babble

We have been talking with our tutors recently at ways to boost our grades to achieve distinction level. One of the ways we discussed doing this as well as learning and having fun while doing it was doing a group podcast. I was really excited about this concept as I myself as everyone should know by now specialize in sound and present community radio which is very similar to podcasting.

We came up with the name 90% Babble for the podcast which comes from our brand name 90% Bloopers but we thought having a name more related to audio would be more suitable. I will come up with a new logo for that but am yet to do it.

We did a test podcast on Thursday the 10th in which we were able to book a sound studio so that we could use the soundproof booth for good acoustics. For the sake of this test, we used a zoom h5 recorder with my Behringer Ultravoice Xm1800 microphones, if we continue to do this I would like to get training to use the desk and mic setup properly in the studio.

We all really enjoyed the experience and want to definitely do it regularly starting in the new year. Hopefully, Harley will be able to join us in time for that, we are exploring options to record it during online weeks of college as well as in the proper studio maybe on a Wednesday. For the time being, I think we will publish our podcasts to our websites but if its something we are committing to I have looked into publishing it onto a platform like Spotify and you never know even making a bit of revenue if it becomes popular. We will discuss many topics each week for the one we recorded this time around we talked about star wars films and what we liked and did not like so much with them, they will last around 20-30 mins and we might record some in batches. Some will be topics and film as well as what is currently happening on our course and personal experiences.

I am currently editing the one we have done in adobe audition, the quality is quite good I have removed some background static and am now just cutting out bloopers. I was appointed to keep us on topic and keep order during it due to my experience, it was quite hard for me to start since I did not really know what to say once we got going it was fine and really did flow. We tried to keep our voices low and soft and not talk over people to which I thought we did ok but listening back there is a bit which we can improve on as we go on to do the others, the point of the test was to see what we can improve on and do when the real thing happens although I still might publish this one as its a good starting point.

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