Amersham Filming

On the 2nd of December 2020 we went out to Amersham high street in a group of six (tier rules permitting) to film our don’t go to Amersham commercial footage. We spent around 4 hours doing so (I may have got there like an hour early unintentionally), I will say it was extremely cold.

If we go out and do that again in December at any time I am wearing a bigger coat, I did have gloves but it was quite hard to operate equipment with them on so that was not practical most of the time.

All in all the filming went very well and we got all the shots we wanted, I have not seen the footage yet at the time of writing but I am told that it’s quite good. We did not do that much sound recording as most of it will be foley later on in post, that did mean I was demoted to equipment and behind the scenes which was ok, I also did a bit of spotting for the camera.

I have to say the behind the scenes photos were quite good. We tried to say out the way of the public the best we could and we had one person ask about the filming but he was quite happy that we were doing it.

We used locations such as the park and the main high street which had already been scouted previously so we knew where we were doing and what we were doing.

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