Week 18th January

So its been a while since I last did a weekly update and a lot has changed since then, I want to say I stopped doing it because there was not that much to actually say and there wasn’t but I could make more of an effort to start doing them again even if its basically nothing major.

This week was mainly for a catchup and that was because I emailed our tutors asking for this time since I felt slightly behind on what I had to do. Since then our tutors have had 1 to 1s with all of us to check on our progress, by then I had caught up mainly on our unit 11 work. The feedback I got was very positive once I had it all updated I just need to try and keep everything updated which can be hard at the moment since motivation is hard to come by but we are getting through it.

We covered some more this week as well on the news project and we are working towards a plan for that but we are still not sure if we are actually going to be able to do it.

I also had my meeting with Mike this week regarding my application to the Level 4 Course to which I have been offered a conditional Offer but I have already posted on that previously so will not go into to much detail.

That’s all I think really, I have to work on unit 10 further in the next couple of weeks.

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