Looking Back – FMP

Today I ended up rewatching all 47 mins of my year 1 FMP, looking at it now even though it was not that long ago I have learned so many things that when I did I could pick out so many things I would change or do differently and I do the same with a lot of old projects I look at. This does show me that Im progressing and understanding more to be able to revaluate things in my head based on my understanding.

I thought I would make this quite post while its in my mind and im thinking about my next FMP at the end of the year, I had some ideas but Im not sure if its possible anymore but last year I made the impossible possible so we will have to see, I dont want to do the same idea again as I want it to be original and remakes are not always that good.

I will make another post or page on my next FMP thoughts later on when I have another idea.

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