Extra Projects

I have not really touched on this much but I have been suffering from anxiety over covid and sitting around doing nothing does me no good I need to be involved and occupied so because of that and general boredom I have tried to keep myself busy and one of the ways I like to do this is follow my passion and learn new stuff in media. I have been watching a lot of youtube including creators such as Daniel Schiffer and Full Time Full Maker which are amazing at what they do and follow styles I’m really interested in.

I have been working on a couple of extra projects that I will be adding full project pages on later on, as well as finishing the Chiltern trike tours page which I filmed months ago but the work is ongoing I have sorted the main parts and are now making stuff for social media.

I have also done a personal project in the style of the creators I have been looking at which is really cool, with that project I took into consideration lighting lessons with Atilla and also make use of the high frame shooting with my new phone.

I have also worked on a project for my sister again using high frame shooting for a competion we came second on.

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