Month So Far Update

So it’s been a couple of weeks now since we have come back and I thought I might as well sum it up in one post rather than trying to remember and write multiple.

As in many of my last posts, things are still a bit all over the place, with Boris’s announcement it seems more realistic that we will get to do the Live News Show as well as the FMP. Although it might be another couple of weeks until we can come in due to the college testing program.

We currently have 3 units on our plate plus other projects which is a bit overwhelming but the schedule has just been chucked around due to covid. Seems like every post I publish mostly says the same things really.

We are currently working on Unit 12 Historical context which we have recently started and are working on along the slide of the rest of Unit 10 preparation. We are now also planning our FMP (Unit 13)

Unit 12 we have started on and it better than I was expecting for the unit, as you may know theory and history is not really my thing. We have chosen to do it on Studio Ghibli for both the research paper and then the documentary. The documentary we will do collectivly and the paper we are planning to do the same subject but do our own paper. In mine I will explore japanise animation as a whole including the studio to see why its so popular as its something I have never really understood, and thats a good opertunity for me to do so.

Unit 10 we are finalizing the script and stories, I have been working on the onscreen graphics including the transitions and lower thirds, this is still in progress but we are making some progress. We have explored 3d shapes and objects while doing this (Cinema 4D).

We are also preparing for our mock interviews with Nargess on the side, its something to keep in mind but since it’s not a marked piece it is not currently on my priority list. I will be able to prepare using the resources and lessons had on the subject.

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