Pixilation Production

Last Saturday I did my pixilation it was a bit different to what I had planned but in a good way. I made a couple of very amature mistakes, the first one was the time of day, I decided to do it late afternoon which means there was a lot of shadows. So that was the first change, I ended up doing it indoors in the end.

I also changed the idea I went from teleporting in the garden to setting up equipment in my kitchen. The next mistake I made was not changing my battery’s, one of the most common mistakes I know.. Well I got through it without it dyeing so that was handy.

I also generally shoot my photos in RAW (CR2) so I ended up shooting the pixilation in that format which would be fine apart from now I have to convert all of the frames into a format such as JPG which is going to be effort.

Other than that I think it was ok, I was using my lights in the pixilation so I could not use them to light the area so we had to deal with natural light. I had my dad help me but taking the photos at chosen intervals with a quick fire remote I had setup with my camera.

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