FMP Update (Home Working)

I have recently been busy working on the pre production for my documentry program, I have it finished and rendered now. The post production took around 4 full days of editing in the proccess, I edited it in premeire pro. To maximise productivity and work flow I have been working at home with approval from my tutors. Thursday and Friday last week and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week. I want to go in on thursday so I can review my work with my tutors before deadline.

I am currently mid way through structuring and writing my evaluation and will then spend the rest of the time checking over my current work and then working on extra small things that could boost my grade such as promotional material, thumbnails and extra reserch. Some of this will also depend on whats said thursday.

All the other students FMPs I have contributed on are now listed on the FMP contributions page under production.

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