Filming Ben (FMP)

I am slighly behind on write up which Is why I keep making quick posts to keep updated on whats happening, I will work on this most likely this weekend, I was working on Gareths FMP last weekend and filming all week, I have Ellies FMP also this saturday.

Today I took the Panasonic, JVC, and Gareths Canon along with the normal crew to follow and interview Ben the photography technician. He was amazing and was able to do everything I wanted. He gave us an interview about his roles and a full tour of his facilities including the darkroom that was my favorite I will need to write about this in more detail as it was a real test in the light for these cameras but I think it turned out well. We were also able to see some students working on projects and in the photography studio. He was very interactive during the filming explaining to the camera about everything and even showing how to do some of it, which was great and exactly what I wanted.

I did want to use the Sony as its what I have been using for everything and is the camera I evaluated best for main filming but Atilla was using it for a class and I was not able to pre book. This was a pain which means I used one of the larger JVCs which is not as good quality as its older tech but I was happy to see that the outcome of the footage was still good, I was not able to really move the date since ben does not work next week.

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