First Filming (FMP)

This week we worked on Harley’s FMP which I was able to get a lot of behind the scenes of to use as a section in my FMP, I have started also a basic run down so I also know where I’m putting stuff in order. I also did the live lounge production last night which was brilliant fun, I managed to get an interview with the main guy and plenty of footage to also use, we used a 5 camera setup. 2 JVCs mounted via tripod and one with a slider which was operated by Gareth and Ellie. (1080p)

I was using the Sony handheld filming in 4k moving around to get more diverse shots, we also had a GoPro mounted above the drummer and my canon 700D in the corner for behind the scenes although that might have been a bit dark, not seen the footage from that one yet. I will edit the 4k down to 1080p but it gives me more working room in the edit especially due to it being handheld.

I am also doing a follow along with the photography technition Ben on friday (tomorrow) which will be another section and then I am hoping to get Tim to do a peice on tuesday about college upgrades and future developments. Its all coming together a bit more now.

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