FMP Update (Tutor Check)

Today I went into college after the last week or so working from home to meet with my tutors nick and simon to get feedback on both my written and edited program. The feedback was very positive towards what I had and what I had created. Although of course we did come up with improvements some of which I was expecting.

I had missed out a little bit towards progression and reserch which I have now written up and corrected. It was also added that my edit could be cut down a bit more once again since Harley and bens peice may still be too long. I am pleased the length of tims section was not included in this as I have taken it down many times now and I would have struggled to remove much more.

A couple more subjects to talk about in my evaluation also came up including the effect on my future and my experience taking on the role of director linking to my specializations. I am also working from home tomorrow all day to try and get these final things sorted before the deadline, the main things I want to focus on is getting this final edit of my program and finishing the evaluation to my best extent.

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