Back In College

Today was our first day back in college in months and it felt so good to see people and get stuck in. Dont get me wrong we had a lot of stuff to do, monday is our day off we are technicaly not in on this day but we wanted to get in and work on the TV show project which I have long awaited for like 5 months. None of us had actuatlly used or really seen the upgraded facilitys the college had yet.

The first thing we really did was speak to Chris (our technician) and got a basic tour and crash course for the morning, the others then went off to the green screen room to film the weather and adverts for the show (pre-recorded). I was not really needed for that so I went into the gallery to play around and learn the tricaster. It’s a learning experience for both me and Chris since he is also still learning the kit but we were able to import graphics and cameras successfully and had a little run down.

Tonight I have edited the weather and reformated the graphics-based on the practical experience with the tricaster I have changed the file type from AVI to MOV to try and decrease the file size and allow it to run smoothly.

Tomorrow will be for a bit of filming and a full dress rehearsal before the main production on Thursday we still hope to record and evidence and also record behind the scenes.

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