Live TV Production Day

Today after months of preperation we recorded and produced our Divination at 12 News show. We have been countlessly preping all week and today was the day. With Harley,Quest (Jack), Ellie and charlie in the studio and myself and gareth in the Tv Gallary we practiced and recorded for about 7 hours including setup (about an hour) and small breaks.

It was a great experience and I love using the equipment in the gallery and studio like the tricaster but it was damn stressful having seconds to press a ton of buttons and communicate with the producer/director. We probably did around 6 practice takes and about 3 real takes but the end one was definitely the best. None of us had done live stuff like this before in this way so it was a big learning experience for all of us and we wanted to get it right since we really do value our production quality.

We where lucky enough to get an extra slot in the studio and ran through lunch (I am now staving) but the last take was excelent very little mess ups and the issue we did have we will fix in post over the weekend. The main issues we did have where mostly just gaps or something not starting as it should have done but I think we did extreamly well.

Would I do it again? Yeah I would, maybe not news and maybe less action but its a learning experaince and even a pressure test.

Did we over complicate it? Yeah we did, but I dont regret it we tried something diffrent which from a news and a equipment standpoint which had never been done before with the new kit, ours was highly based on animation, graphics and pre recorded segments with the addition of live. I was learning this from scrach over 4 days on the tricaster. Other groups just did the cuts and that was fine but we wanted it to be funny and intresting, and I feel thats what we did.

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