Week 9th November

This week we where once again looking at mainly unit 11 once again with the brief and then even more directly with the advert and Foley. We also did some editing practice with nargess in which we made a music video with stock footage which I quite enjoyed apart from the technical issues.

For the advert, we planned and discussed our “don’t come to Amersham” advert we plan to film in the future, the basic plan is to film in the high street and have jack trying to sabotage the nice shots. We had a meeting with Nick to discuss this as a production group, unfortunately, we did film this but my phone is stupid and never did it properly, Gareth might have a voice recording on the meeting.

We also did some more work with lower thirds and animations in illustrator and after effects with Simon.

I had a quick conversation with nick regarding the research paper which Im making progress on slowly I have done the introduction but need to move onto doing the method sometime this next week.

We also did our own mini project on Wednesday in which we used the black magic and created some Foley that could be used for unit 11, this will be covered in the next post.

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