FMP Update (Locations)

I have decided to use the college now as my main location and organisation, I have had a hard time trying to think of places to use and the places I have contacted like the idea but cant due to the time frame or other complications (Full report on the locations section). I have tried and im not dispointed by the outcome I think I will be able to do it nicely in college it was just trying to get on a proper location. Doing it within the college system though does mean I will have access to more support when it comes to transport and logistics as well as equipment.

The next stage is to speak further to tim when he comes back after easter break until then I will work on my reserch and other aspects of the project.

Quick side note I have decided to go with the sony camera after a debait just becouse its supposed to be more build for documentrys over the panasonic. I will evaluaute this in my research section.

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