FMP Update & Filming Plan


Concerns where raised over the time frame and realistic filming for the project so I had a meeting with Nick on Thursday the 29th of April. We decided to change the show slightly so the day in the life documentary was move based on the college rather than the people and the roles themselves. This will allow me to still do the follows but also do other content around the college as well such as interviews and small clips with narration. We agreed to focus more on Amersham however still might incorporate some content from other campuses to use. The idea is to go from the start to the end of the day showing the college during the day throughout areas. Because of this the Hidden Roles name is not as fitting so I’m going to go with Inside: Bucks College Group. I said before that maybe it was not as original but its a very appropriate and was a name I liked.
(Taken from show design page)

Filming Update

I am currently in contact with multiple people in regards to interviews and follow alongs, I am making some progress with this however due to people being busy its hard to arrange. I hope to have at least a couple of people confirmed next week.

I have also arranged to help some sound technology students out with there live lounge project, this will be a great experience for us and them but I am also going to film this and use it for my fmp as part of the day in the life experience.

Harley is also due to Film his FMP on Tuesday which I also want to film as part of the day-to-day life. I have a ruff amount of shots I can collect during the week, I will make a full plan soon but I am defiantly thinking sunrise and sunset at the college to start and end the show, I also want a time-lapse of reception to be used for a scene change or narration. Not sure how I’m going to do the start and end shots yet as that requires me to being in early and out late which might be hard to arrange when it comes to transport and equipment.

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