FMP Update

Things have been moving so fast since the last update I am trying to keep up as much as possible, I will get some more on the site but I wanted to do this update so I can remember what’s going on.

As stated in the last update I have 2 major filming sessions myself this week with the sound technology students and Harleys FMP tomorrow. I have also secured a voice actor who also helped out in the first year FMP my good friend John, who has the perfect voice for the doumentry.

I have my meeting with martin on zoom tommorow to discuss a following session and I have emailed back a lot of other people inluding the IT department and Tim becouse Tim would be great to talk about some of the college matters such as upgrades and development.

I still need to start and intro script and I will get around to this soon I am firstly set on getting all my content secured and ready to go. I have started a break down of the program so I know what shots im aiming to get and how im going to organise this but its based on who I manage to get.

I want most of the program/documentry to be new footage however if I do end up struggeling I can intergrate some previous footage into that. I will use previous footage for the intro sequance as normally they consist of past episodes and series which I can try and simulate by doing this.

For the intro, I have changed my mind again (part of the process really) after looking at the times since sunrise is around 5 am and sunset around 8 It’s not really realistic with logistics and transport to capture these shots with what I’m working with. Instead, I want to have a travel sort of theme as in you are going to and leaving college to symbolize the start and end of the day. I am not thinking anything major but maybe incorporating the train as a shot and transition at the start since the rail is a big part of travel to Amersham.

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