Adaptation Filming – Nargess

We filmed are adaptation on Tuesday that we had planned previously during the past week with our groups of 3.

I disliked this project quite a bit hears why, the project itself and the write up was fine it was really when it came to filming there was 3 groups of 3-4.

3 people was not enough people to make a functioning crew, 2 of these people where actors and then one camera man, this effected us a lot since we where not able have a sound person or a spotter when it came to doing different shots and audio was important since there was quite a bit of dialog.

By the time we had finished the lesson intro and got equipment we had very little setup time to the extent of about 30 mins, you cant film a production like that in 30 mins with all the setup, takes and locations.

We did do it but it was rushed and low quality I feel we needed a lot more time than we had for it. We are debating re filming it at a later date.

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