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4 months later after shooting the adaptation version 2 has been completed, nicely edited by Ellie. This project was a redo of an in-class project because we thought it could be better and this honestly was a lot better. You can read more about it via the page and previous posts. November 16, 2020 in...
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in Adaptation, Film Adaptation Filming V2

After filming and evaluating the initial filming session for the adaptation we decided to do it again in our personal time on Halloween Saturday to be exact. We managed to get an extra acter, Ben who was able to help us out as this was before the second lockdown. We filmed this at jacks house...
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We filmed are adaptation on Tuesday that we had planned previously during the past week with our groups of 3. I disliked this project quite a bit hears why, the project itself and the write up was fine it was really when it came to filming there was 3 groups of 3-4. 3 people was...
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